Do you agree the old McGregor is back at UFC 264?

Do you agree with Dana White and think the old Conor McGregor shows up at UFC 264?

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Did Conor lose all of his money and fame?

If not, no, I don’t believe a promoter who is promoting a fight.

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The moment this comes out of Dana’s mouth is the moment to bet on Poirier.


I wouldn’t go that far.

If I had to guess Dana’s fight-selling hyperbole, this would be included.

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Maybe he means the one from 2016 that lost to Diaz.


I’m going to say no. Who is McG even training with now? Does he still grapple? Still a brown belt for years while training as a full time fighter? McG fan, but I don’t see the old coming back. I’d retire & enjoy my life

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No. That Conor is long gone. His life is way to soft now.

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There is nothing in this fight that makes it even close to the Khabib/McGregor fight.

The UFC is selling wolf-tickets trying to hype this fight.

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was never gone. He got complacent while everyone else kept improving

Conor after a loss is a different fighter. I think he wins.

The 100 million put the fire out.

Ah well he can cry or laugh in dollar signs

Dont he have like 3 or 4 kids now. That fire is gone

touchbutt can only get you so far

I don’t think the old Conor is back, but I don’t think he needs to be. People are acting like the first fight was a blowout, but he won the first round, looked to be winning almost all the exchanges, then got stopped. I just watched it again, and it still doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. Poirier landed a hook with 2:46 remaining in the second, and it looked to knock Conor off balance a little, but I’ve watched it 5 times and don’t think he looked hurt, look more of a balance thing to me…but Poirier jumped on him and kept throwing until the fight was stopped like 15 seconds later.

It was a good, back and forth fight that Conor was winning…until he wasn’t. So yes, we know Dustin hits hard enough to hurt and stop Conor, but we also know that Conor hits hard enough to hit and hurt Dustin. Conor won almost every exchange in the fight, outside of the last 30 seconds.

I’m not saying I’m picking Conor…but I don’t think this is as one sided as the Poirier fans are making it.

I think the calf kicks caught him off guard. Dustin didn’t land any, or really focus on trying to land any until the last minute of round 1, so I doubt Conor or his team thought it was an issue, or had time to adjust to it…it was right at the end of the round…then in round 2, Dustin was ALL OVER the calf. I’m sure they’ll have a better plan for it.

I view it similar to the Diaz rematch. We knew Nate could beat him, but with a couple small adjustments, Nate wasn’t able to land the big shot that hurt him. I don’t think Conor needs to make huge improvements, just has to avoid getting hurt, because we’ve seen him struggle to recover in the fights where he gets hurt.


I’m pulling for Dustin in this fight but I do agree with most of what you say. I felt like Dustin had some solid counter shots in both rounds once he found his rhythm though.

Old Conor is gone forever, he has to be broke to be that guy.

McGregor has gotten old, it’s true