Do you favour anyone over Woodley at MW?

Was thinking of how stacked the middle weight division is. Imo the most exciting division. 

When woodley moves up and he will move up.  Do you favour woodley over Whittaker or gastelum, jacare or adesanya or Romero?

I'd take woodley over them all realistically. Can turn all their lights off with one punch. 

Can out wrestle them all , probably not Romero. But shit , Whittaker out wrestled Romero. With no wrestling pedigree. 

Romero vs woodley would be pretty much,  b1 vs b2. They practically the same fighter. Devastating ko power. Woodley has more of course. A grade wrestling and not great cardio. But Romeros gas tank would give out and leave him a sitting duck maybe. Who knows. Would be a exciting fight.

Stylebender? Be an interesting fight. Israel wouldn't hang back like Thompson, he would engage and try to being the action. Woodley would just put him against the cage and smother him. Woodley is far stronger than Israel  , I would guess.

Jacare? No way jacare can hang with him on the feet. If they went down to the ground, woodley would more likely than not , transition to the ground. Dont see jacare and his old knees , taking down woodley. 

Whittaker would be a good test. Great sprawl defense and has some of the best distance management in mma. He just gets in and out very fluently and has decent power.  Top notch cage IQ. 

Gastelum can turn his lights off with one punch. Has good wrestling. They fought once didnt they? Cant remember correctly.  

Random thought.

Imagine Israel vs wonder boy.  God damn that would be an insane fucking fight.

I think Whittaker and Romero would be tough match ups for him. I think he beats the others you mentioned

I think Whittaker and Romero would be tough matchups.  Same with Jacare.  I'm not even sure about him against Gastelum.  A 185 pound Gastelum is a completely different fighter.

Jacare beats him I think, I also think Weidmans length is an issue. 

Romaro, Gastelum and Whittaker can get the job done

I don't think he's a certainty against any of them. Romero beats him, Whittaker beats him, Jacare, Israel and Weidman are all tough matchups too

I think Romero and Bobby Knuckles would kill Woodley. 

Jacare subs him

50/50 against Kelvin

Woodley beats Israel

Paulo Borrachinha snipes him too