**Do you guys in the USA have this holiday**

The 17th here in Thailand was National Muay Thai day. I know several people on the UG enjoy seeing our blog video's--so I figured I'd post this. All the monks from the local temple came and blessed the gym, we filmed the ceremonies.




Do we have a holiday like Muay Thai Day?

Yes, Thanksgiving. Always reminds me of when we came in and slaughtered the Injuns. No better way to celebrate it than with food, football, beer and family!

I like your holiday too. :)

 p.s. Go Chiefs! (named after said Injuns...)

January is Hockey Month here in Canada. Entire month off, paid for by government. Beat that.

 ttt for Muay Thai day!

I guess it depends on the gym, but yes we celebrate Nai Khanom Tom. It was a great day in the gym, it meant alot to me to see Kru Rigel Balsamico's appreciation of the fact that we knew about the holiday without having to be told and that we did something for him.

We didn't really celebrate National MT day at my gym that day - but we beat the living crap out of each other in sparring. I guess that's one way to celebrate it.

I hate it when monks eat and run!