Do you have a question for Brock?

I will be interviewing Brock Lesnar this Friday on Talking Sports about his new book. Let me know if you have a question you would like asked. If I use your question I will send you a knockoutradio t-shirt.

Good luck sorting thru all the UG comedy to get serious questions.

I'm curious if he hypes fights differently now than he did for pro wrestling.

When does he see himself back in action? Phone Post

Which opponent does he intend to make his comeback fight with Phone Post

Brock lost some muscle mass after he got through his first bout of diverticulitis, you should ask him if he expects to lose even more muscle mass after dealing with it this time and if so what adjustments he plans on making due to the loss in muscle.

ask him for a chicken salad recipe

Ask what he thinks of Reggie Warren jr. Calling him out on YouTube. Proceed on showing him the video. I would like to see his reaction on that! Phone Post

 Where's his personality this season? Seems really bored.