Do you have any Pics ?

Come on Guys, post some of your school pic, and advertise your school, or tournament pics, or picks with famous people.

Posting a pic is as easy as sending an email with the pic attached.

Because that`s how you do it:

1. Email:

2.Subject: Picture Title

3.Body: Description

4.Attach: ThePicture.jpeg

5.Send Email: and your done

Thanks, Marc (there is a quick link at in the "Media Gallery")

I got a lot but I am computer illiterate

Go to Then go to the "Media Gallery" Then click on the bottom paragraph. Let me know if that doesn`t help.


My website is loaded with great pics of the team in action..(both MMA and submission only)

Jeff your web site is awesome post a pic or two on my moblog and advertise your site.

thanks ,Marc

I have no clue how to post pics on your site

computer skills = white belt :( the wife is the brains of my operation

please feel free to post any that you like from the site and hook up a link to my site




ok, I `ll do that

thanks, Marc


Help , I need some pics, it`s real easy, try it out.