Do you have to declare all supplements to USADA?

When youre scheduled to fight and they want to drug test you, do you have to declare all supplements youre taking ?

If so, does that mean jones could still be in the wrong for not declaring the substance that caused a false positive? Phone Post 3.0

If Jones is going with the CLS excuse that is a prescription drug I am not sure if you have to disclose all supplements but you certainly have to disclose prescription drugs.

If he can't prove that he has had a prescription for it in the past then he has to admit to buying it illegally and possessing it illegally which is a felony.

Either way it's a pretty shitty situation Phone Post 3.0

Well if your taking dick pills, keep it secret and retire and give USADA the 4 month notice for your comeback. Not worth the shit talk and laughs people will give you forever, not to mention social media, holy fuck. Only saving grace for him is atm nobody is talking about his drunk driving and hit and run.