Do You Like Wanderlei Silva?

Good, you might like my new painting. Just finished it. Edit: started the listing 50% will go to Justin Wren's charity.

Amazing work my friend!

Awesome Phone Post

No, I do not like Wanderlei Silva Phone Post

Very cool Phone Post

Fuckin amazing! How much?? Phone Post

good job

Please PM me if interested in selling, id love to buy that as well.

There is only one answer to this question.

NICE! Phone Post

ausgepicht -

There is only one answer to this question.

! Phone Post

Amazing job friend and indeed a great moment captured.

However, for friends visiting i think it would look like a pretty strange picture, like a bald man severely straining for a dump.

Nice !!!

Really nice work!

pretty damn cool! voted up

Bandarlaaaay Sielvaaaaaaaarrrrrrr

Badass! Phone Post

I thought I was clicking on a troll thread. Phone Post

He stared me down once. True story.

I will pay you cash money for that. That is incredible dude. Amazing picture. Jesus I'm a homo for Wand. Phone Post