Do you think (East Coast Only)

That the hurricane will knock out the power out during the fights tonight? I'll be pissed!

Depends how far south you are. NY and north should be ok. South of NY need to worry.

I live in NJ

It should hit NJ around 2:00 am you will probably be just fine.

NJ too.. I'm not gonna risk it. my cable company won't offer a refund if it goes out. I'm just gonna avoid the internet tonight and rent it tomorrow.

I hope not :( i am in NJ :(

just buy the fights online through this is an easy solution. if your laptop battery is charged wich you should be doing right about now then the power going out would not effect the viewing of the fights.

270,000 in MD/VA already lost power... hasn't hit my area yet but am fully expecting to be dark tonight..

 no, Canada wont see the hurricane until Monday afternoon now

dont worry man

Didn't go out! But surrounding area did! hahaha troll face