Do you want to box Jose Canseco? Contest....

For all you ball lickers talking shit on Jose's fight skills...step up to the plate (no pun intended)



Ft Lauderdale, Florida - Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee inside the Boxing Ring of Celebrity Boxing 9. Tryout for the opportunity to trade punches for three 1 minute rounds against the Bad Boy of Baseball himself, Jose Canseco.

The Celebrity Boxing Federation and is having a one day sign up at the cart in the Miami Dade Mall on Saturday, May 3rd from 12-4 P.M. To be a contestant you must have no professional or amateur Boxing experience. You may be chosen to exchange blows live on internet PPV at on June 27 in Ft Lauderdale at a venue TBA.

This event will see partial proceeds go to the John Graziano Foundation.

The winner will receive $2500 in prizes and become a celebrity over night!

All matches are done with 18oz Boxing gloves, head gear, mouthpiece, and cup. There will be a $50 sign up fee/donation and a valid photo ID is required. The Celebrity Boxing Federation has their own rules and regulations that you can find on their website at
Sign ups: cart - Miami Dade Mall in Miami-12-4 P.M. Saturday May 3rd.

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I like how one of the stipulations is, must have ZERO prior boxing experience. And fifty bucks just to enter yourself. Thats a little steep.

 headgear and 18 oz gloves?

bigwignj - I like how one of the stipulations is, must have ZERO prior boxing experience. And fifty bucks just to enter yourself. Thats a little steep.

We should get some UGers to tryout. Technically, many here have only taken MT which is not boxing...

Just slowball through the tryout and have a crazy personality and you're in.

 Lol!!!! 18 oz gloves??!?