Do you want to go to PRIDE 2005

In about 3 weeks the 2005 Pride event will take place in Tokyo Japan. The Managment at MMA.TV is deciding if a reporter should go to this event. I was wondering if any fans from the forum would be interested in attending this once in a lifetime trip to the Land of The Rising Sun. I would arrange for a ticket to the event as well as your hotel and air travel and a possible meeting with a fighter. I would be staying at the same hotel and can assist you with what bars to go to and transportation. If you have some interest in doing this please contact me either on MMA.TV or at I was just in Tokyo for K1 and can assure you that it is worth the trip and the money. This is an oppertunity for true fans of the sport to do somethng that very few americans will ever get to do. Please be in touch.

"I would arrange for a ticket to the event as well as your hotel and air travel"

Does arrange = pay for????

oh sheesh, I wish I could write........

*then remembers fear of flying*

arrange means that I would book it for you not pay how much money do you think we make over here? Doing this stuff in another country is harder then you think.

That and to clear a few things up. I (since I am the reporter) will be covering the fight. You as fans would get a good seat and a great experience. I am sure a lot of ou go see the UFC why not go see Pride and Japan

ball park ???? how much does something like this run??? 3k?

I would say more along the lines of 2000 - 2500 depends on how much you spend I think when I was at k1 the whole thing was under 2k

Sorry, it just kinda sounded like you were going to pay. I thought that was a big step up for this site. I was getting ready to start kissing Kirik's ass LOL

Yeah, plane tickets will run you around $800 - $1000. But once you get in Japan is where you will spend most of your money. It is expensive there.

And don't think just because you paid a pretty penny for your hotel room that it will be big. One time I went there for a K-1 event and my room looked like it came straight from that insurance commercial where the couple has to live in a tiny house for a year.


Josh if you need an interpreter let me know, man! Wish I could afford to go, tho...

I wish it was paid for!College student and and just going to the last UFC, first live fighting event, it was amazing but can't pay for a trip to the Vegas UFC's even so Pride would be out of the question if I had to pay myself but would love to go sometime.

Ya it costs some money but it is worth it. If we can get people that want to go you can sare rooms and bring the price down. I am trying to arrange it so you can stay at the hotel with the fighters as well. The ticket (when I was jsut there) was 800 and the hotel about 100 per night. Food was about 10 per meal. the more people we can the cheaper it gets so tell your friends and let me know in the nex couple of days. I would really like to be over there with a possy of americans that know fighting. That and girls there love american guys, getting laid is not all that hard, just tell them your rich or an american fighter.

Damnit now I must try to get to Japan sometime soon!!!!!!


Going to a Pride event really is the pinnacle of this sport right now. It would definitely be an experience.

you also have this alternative:

PRIDE "Men's Festival 2"!
December 31th 2004
Tokyo- Japan

Five days package from December 29th to January 2st

Special one week "Meet the Pride Champions in Tokyo" package, everything included (except airfare), for Pride New year's eve on December 31th.

Five days package from December 29th to January 2st.

Price includes:

  • Pick up at the airport on December 29th (anytime during the day)

  • 1 Pride Ticket at Saitama Super Arena - Visit to the best MMA stores in Tokyo with 30% off on everything!!!

  • Pride-party(non official) in one of the hottest club in Tokyo. All you can drink!

  • Visit of 1 of the best and bigger MMA training centers in Tokyo(training is possible)

  • Hotel (4 nights) in a great Japanese style hotel in the best location in Tokyo(Shibuya)
    Hotel includes: TV, DVD, Cable, Internet if you bring your LapTop...Brand New Hotel.

  • All Breakfasts

  • 5 days transportation pass in Tokyo (Subway, Train and Bus)

  • 1 full day tour of Tokyo.

  • Kakuto goods

  • A lot of free time to discover and enjoy Tokyo!

PRICE: $1190

All you need to get is your plane ticket. Our team will take care of you as soon as you step foot in Tokyo Narita Airport. We will pick you up at Narita Airport anytime on December 29th .

We offer you a unique package for Pride New Year's Eve and will guide you in Tokyo during the week of December 29th to January 2st.

Kakuto TM is very well connected with several Japanese fighters so we can make special arrangements for you to meet with some of them.

For shorters stay in Tokyo, please contact us. However, we strongly recommend that you to take the 5days-4nights package. If you want to stay longer, it is possible, you just need to contact us and we will arrange it for you.

This upcoming Pride Event is unique and bound to be an unforgetable event! Wherever you live, come to Tokyo for the trip of a lifetime! 10 participants maximum.

More infos at

Way to hijack a thread.

That's a great package. I'm gonna start saving money for the next one...