Does anyone know how to get into MMA judging?

Despite all of the controversy these judges tend to receive (and some of it is justified, like saying Ferguson had a 30-27 score), it's still a field I have interest in.

What would be the best way to get my foot into this particular door? Phone Post

  1. Go back in time
  2. Become a boxing judge
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Start drinking as soon as you wake up in the morning

PM me your credit card number.
I'll let you know how to proceed from there

Jamiee - PM me your credit card number.
I'll let you know how to proceed from there

If you PM me your credit card number I will contact you faster than Jamiee. I will also give you a free pair of Tapout Jeans to wear on your first day as a MMA judge.

First step is to stare at the sun 12 hrs a day until your almost legally blind

good luck step 1

take course

step 2

register here

"Take solace. Some day, many many years in the future, when all the kid games have faded into lore, people will still fight with their fists for money."

Are you related to any "good ol boy`s" ?

 The exact process depends on the state you are in, but connections would likely help anywhere.  If you know any judges, refs, promoters or AC members in your home state- talk to them.  If not, talk to the owner of an MMA gym in your area that has active fighters.  If you train and understand the various aspects of MMA, they may have an interest in getting you in touch with the right people to discuss the process.  If you happen to live in a state where MMA was recently regulated and there have not been a number of big promotions there, it may not be that difficult to become a judge. 

How are judges compensated? I've been paying this some thought lately as well

Hit up Herb Dean on twitter, he does seminars that can get you certified his handle is @HerbDeanMMA Phone Post

Step 1) Be diagnosed as mentally retarded
Step 2) Get hired by the NSAC or CSAC or any other body Phone Post

michaelc1978 - First step is to stare at the sun 12 hrs a day until your almost legally blind


its funny... because its true!

Brian McLaughlin - How are judges compensated?

My guess is in the form of numerous bribes and payoffs

First you need to start by putting acid in your eyes Phone Post

There's no training school or anything IIRC, so I'm pretty sure to be a judge in Vegas, you just have to have connections. 

I think it's pretty ridiculous that there's no standard or accountability that the judges have to be held to, but whatever. It is what it is. 


 Pay BJM your life savings and pray to God.

call your athletic commission. Despite so many judges being terrible if you don't have a belt of some kind or a fight record you probably wont get hired.

I tried, and despite the fact you couldnt pay judges in my area to tell the difference between an americana and a kimura I didn't get a TKD black belt when I was 8 years old they weren't exactly interested.

Seems to be a old-boys type situation at least in my state.