Does anyone still use the app?

I was just wondering, if there ever will be a feature that allows posting from it.


Where have you been? Phone Post

Cheggers - Where have you been? <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

In a coma?

I havent bought the app just curious to see what it can do, i know awhile back people were complaining about not being able to post from it. I have stayed clear away from any threads having to do with it, so thought i'd ask.

Posting from my Apple iPhone MMA Underground App Phone Post

All the time----> Phone Post

ahhh okay thanks gentlemen, i'll buy it then.

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Okay I made the leap, I like it already.

: ) Phone Post

I'm pooping as I post, thanks to my underground app. Phone Post

Never. When did they get an app? Phone Post

Do you set up your laptop in the shitter and post? Phone Post

Since we are on the topic, my app is buggy as fuck i can't see videos that are posted from the start of the thread and also I can't save pictures or quote in threads..

Your whole blue name posting pictures also sucks... You want people to pay for linking content to your site?

This app could be a real decent earner for the website but whoever is in charge of the development of this app is in a serious world of fail. Phone Post

^^^Also the fucking formatting that makes my reply look like that ^^^^ Phone Post

Oh I see, I thought you physically took a laptop in the bathroom haha Phone Post

 Sucks on my Samsung Fascinate. Can't post, no tapout forum, no anaconda forum. I try to go to the website from my phone and it redirects me to a mobile site. so , like it or not, the app is my only option.

Maybe they'll update it? Phone Post

All say everyday. Phone Post

I meant day. We need edit!! Phone Post

All fuckin day Phone Post

I use it so much I never create threads now. Phone Post