Does cutting water cut skin?


When cutting water weight to make weight do the pros also make their skin more subceptable to tearing form strikes etc?


Good ?, I never thought of that, but I know my skin got super tight when I made weight but definatley lossened up the next day when i fought.

Rapid dehydrating followed by rapid re-hydration makes it a lot easier
to bruise, cut and swell.

I doubt it.

Anyone have any factual evidence? Thanx

Cutting the weight the right way shouldn't have any side effects.

Cutting it not the right way will have effects, such as cuts, swelling,
bruising. The information I got was from a doctor who worked with

I thought Couture used Dim Mak in that fight.


I would say this. If you are lean and have thin skin and make it thinner from diet and cutting water you might be able to cut eaiser when getting hit on say your orbital bone. JMO though so don't " me

Thanx. Just curious if this has any effect on fights being stopped due to cuts etc.

I don't think that known weight cutters like Tito have had any problem with cuts.

I guess what chris (Westside) is saying is that if you already have thin skin, cutting water and dieting might make it cut easier in areas where you are succeptible to cuts anyway (the brow/orbital bone)