Does Gabe have a chance?

Even if he does make the weight does he have a chance in this fight? Doesn't seem like his heart has been in fighting and I don't think he takes the fight against Corey.

I figured his appearance on here yesterday was a bad omen for him

Gabe should destroy Corey imo...But we'll see, maybe this Corey kid is for real? Doubtful though.

Corey will rule over Gabe. That is if Gabe can shed some lard off his ass.

What is Gabes back ground

Gabe will tool him. Corey has very little training and Gabe is black belt level on the ground.

Corey's a great wrestler with like 12 inches of reach on Gabe though. Also, the commercial never said that Gabe fights Corey, it just said "corey is training hard" or something like that. Maybe they'll just show more of him screaming during practice or something.

The preview for next week shows them squaring off at the fight selection meeting.

You guys are foolish. Corey is a big fighter with alot of talent who hasn't fought anyone at all really yet. Gabe is a great fighter with alot of experience against some skilled opponents and was a long time WEC 155 champ.

Gabe won't make weight for the fight I think, but he would have beat Corey on the show.

If Corey doesn't make the finals and they match them up at the finale, it might be a different story since Corey will have had alot more time to train and is probably continuing his training with Horn or other MFS guys..