Does it matter that UFC have had 2 horrible events

in a row? Or does the UFC machine keep rolling along?

Both events were bad and even casual fans were bored to tears, which hasn't happend in sometime.

Hoping the next event can finally get things kickstarted.

I say the UFC machine rolls along and these 2 events do nothing negative for them.

What would it take? 3 bad events in a row? A fix scandal?


My casual friends were not impressed with the last two which I hosted and we paid $60 + tax for the HD version (Canada).

I likely won't be ordering the next ones due to lack of interest and will end up at a bar somewhere instead with a smaller group.

112 had tonnes of potential but really dropped the ball. 111 had far too much grappling (from what I remember) for the casual fan to enjoy.

Better to take that $60 and get a few jugs of beer...

Carwin/Brock is the next one I might consider buying as that fight is a perfect style matchup for shit to hit the fan.

I'm mad at myself for breaking down and paying for 112. I won't do that again for quite a while.

 I guess I don't complain as much because I go to a bar and watch the fights....its more fun that way for me.