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Like Oregon RB, MMA fighter Sheridan should be banned

By Steve Cofield

If you listen to sports radio you've probably heard a lot of discussion about the penalties served by NFL players Michael Vick and Donte Stallworth for their crimes. For torturing and killing dogs, Vick served nearly two years in a federal penetentiary. Stallworth, legally drunk at the time when he ran over and killed a South Florida man, served less than 30 days in jail. National radio hosts like Colin Cowherd have thrown around the word "intent" as a way to explain the difference in time served between Stallworth and Vick. That brings us to the case of Oregon football player LaGarrette Blount, who was suspended for the remainder of the Ducks' season for punching Boise State's Byron Hout after Thursday night's game. Hout talked some trashed and got drilled in the grill. It was a loss of control for Blount that clearly unfolded in a split second. He's done. His college career is over. If we're comparing and contrasting penalties, what should've happend to classless MMA fighter Chris Sheridan?

Watch this vicious sucker punch (0:07 mark) as his opponent tries to touch gloves before a Reno fight in March. It clearly leads to an easy victory (NSFW):

That was outrageous and while we're talking about momentary loss of control versus a pre-meditated action, is there anyone who doesn't think this sucker punch was cooked up by Sheridan before the fight? Sheridan versus Vasquez was one of 12 amateur fights on the card tabbed Ultimate Combat Reno.

Nevada shouldn't license this kid anytime soon unless he comes in front of the commission to explain his actions. Frankly, it should be treated more harshly than a positive drug test.