Does Matt Hughes have a good chin?

Does Matt Hughes have a good chin? He's only really been officially KO'd once, but Frank Trigg put him on queer street in the second fight.

He barely ever gets hit, but I notice when he does, he reacts badly from it. Kind of reminds of of how Evan Tanner acts when he get, although Tanner is great at recovering.

yeah he reacted badly to getting hit in the balls by trigg...what a pussy!

sakurai knocked him down but he recovered well

also he reaaally recovered from frank trigg's patented "drop bombs on a mutha until their out" game

can't say the same for every other single person trigg has done that to(and people with way better jiu jitsu also...charuto, hallman, jj machado to name a few)

I dont think he has great chin but not a particularly bad one either.

PP mentioned how he got stunned by Mach but recovered and ended up taking Mach down.

I also agree that his chin usuall aint tested because he doesnt put himself in a postion very often where he can get hit (because you dont stay on your feet or have Matt Hughes on his back too often).

I would add also that it the turning point of his loss to BJ was not necessarily that he was on his back but that BJ planted a wicked strike to Hughes while in guard that seemed to stun him.

"But it wasn't a very big knee."

it was a skinny knee sure, but with a big impact

I think most people that came in contact with that knee would have been on queer street for a bit