does q jackson still have enough?

to beat chuck? lindland gave him a helluva fight!

when they first met, it was before silva beat his spirit out of him (twice).

since tito and q are 2 of my favs ever, i will root for him.

but can he really beat chuck today?

Maybe I'm just reading too into it but why the hell didnt Rampage come into the cage?

I think so.  I think he's one of the only lt. heavys that can beat Chuck in the UFC.

Lindland gave him a tough fight, but Lindland is an Olympic medaling wrestler who has done more to improve his MMA game than any other athlete at that level (maybe Akiyama). In any case, Ramapge showed plenty of spirit in that fight.

He's looked like shit since his second loss to Wandy, but if the pre-Silva Rampage shows up (if he even exists anymore) then he has a great shot at beating Chuck.

since they fought qj got worse and chuck improved.

qj couldnt stop matt, yoon, or ninja

chuck stopped everyone badly.

unless qj finds his old magic, chuck should beat him today