Does Tyson Fury stand any chance against Wladimir?

He's a boring fucking fighter. It's depressing. That's the heavyweight champ of the world.

More entertaining: Wlad or Mighty Mouse?

I don't think Wlad has a bad chin the same way Lewis did. I think Wlad reacts poorly to pressure and getting hit. It's his reactions more than his chin that caused him problems with punchers. Wlad doesn't even hard spar, he does technical sparring and drills. He's a lesnar. Lennox is one of the best HWs to ever live, but he would have lapses in defense and really get hurt when tagged.

Manny turned Wlad into a Lesser Lennox

I do like Phone Post 3.0

mikedudikoff - Lewis had a better jab, Mercer had a better jab.

Manny Steward knew what he had with vlad. A big strong guy, fast hands and no chin. Turned him into a clinch machine, just like he did with Lewis, which was the smart thing to do. Kind of fascinating because Manny trained tommy hearns who never clinched and tommy was a tall guy.

Anyway I'm rambling. The heavyweight division is so bad now. Anyone born after 83 has no idea how cool it used to be. Fuckig Renaldo snipes verse Holmes, tyson verse rudduck, Holyfield verse bowe. Michael dokes, pinklon thomas, Bert cooper, etc. lots of fun fights. Vlad is tough to watch and would have got his ass kicked bad in the pre 2000
Michael Dokes.......what a waste. That guy had skills. Phone Post 3.0

Rumbleeee - Feed Fury to Deontay

Wilder would have his hands full with either Fury. He's tall and has a terrific right hand, but I don't think he's physical enough to deal with these 250lb monsters. He fights like a middleweight, and he's been rocked by some garbage punches.

I like the idea of Wilder more than the reality.