Does USADA target repeat offenders or just a coincidence?

Seems not many big names getting popped by USADA but we see repeat offenders and low hanging fruit getting treated like redheaded step children, are they more likely to be using or is USADA just trying to show they still do some or any good at all?

We’ve seen JJ get popped by aside from him who else of even note has tested pos according to them?

Fighters who seem suspect definitely get tested more. Ariane Carnelosi, who has massive backne, is one of the most tested this year. Paulo Costa gets tested a bunch as well as does William Knight.

Adesanya, who’s been suspected recently, has been tested 6 times this year. Only a few fighters have been tested more than that.

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I am pretty sure they changed something with Usada and what they disclose and not to the public . Butt I am not 100% sure


Fuck that bitch. Her and her lover stole a bunch of medical covid stuff from a ladies porch. Shes 1-4 and should be canned


Didnt know about this. People have been cut for less

You’re right they did. I think they just suspend now and I thought it was up to the fighter to disclose this but if so how does shit like this vet out or any suspension?

Wait what. …haven’t heard about this, you have a link by chance?

Who knows

When uncle Chael mentioned thie eye test in his vid the other day it had me wondering how much they test on looks alone. It seems like universal testing would be pretty consistent but obviously not. I agree with Chael tho the eye test rarely fails if you’re going by shit like gyno or suddenly getting shredded at an old age, it’s tough to put more muscle on your body than you’ve always had past 34 to 40 in my personal opinion anyways lol.

I remember the change you’re speaking of tho. I’m curious now how any of this would get out and if it’s more testing when they have a fight coming up or are some of these guys taking long breaks aren’t just avoiding tests. I know they still get tested but at the same frequency?

That’s a question to the fighters. We can speculate. Butt I have nothing to go of . For a reasonable speculation

I’m sure someone here knows.

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