Does Vitor have a chance? YES!!!

Is it better than a 10% chance? I don't think so. This sounds fun on paper, but this fight should look just like Randy's fights with Tito and Chuck-top to bottom domination for Captain America.

"Tell that to Herring and Yvel and Matsui and Southworth. "

Yeah those sure were some exciting fights too.

Any man can be beaten on any day.

Now do I think that Vitor can win yes and I will give it a lot more than 10%.

But I am going with Randy on this fight.

"Yeah, Herring wouldn't be too happy to tell how Vitor beat him--especially when it was a bullshit decision and Herring actually deserved the win!"

Herring didn't do shit to earn the win.

He got outwrestled by a guy he outweighed by 40 pounds.

Vitor worked his ass, Heath is TERRIBLY overrated...

grumpygorilla yup you hit it on the spot bj and huges not even worth talking about"matt could show up drunk with his feet tied together and still win"
"i doubt you call me a troll when you see how easily hughes beats bj" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
well he wasnt drunk with his feet tied together but it sure looked like it when bj kissed him (taking his belt)nothing against hughes love the guy,but i laugh at the faces of everyone who always doubts b's potential in the mma world

I agree about Herring being overrated.

I think he would have a hard time with high level b fighters (such as Justin Eilers)