Does your instructor train?

Hello all,
I was wondering how many of you have instructors that will usually train with his students. I do not mean fight hard all the time, but is able to get on the mat with his students.

Is it a bad sign if you join an academy and the instructor never trains?

Just wondering.

Yes. Bad sign.

our instructor trains with us occasionally, but not all the time. It kind of depends on his mood

i would say that unless he has some kind of physical disability or he's very old, him not training with you is a bad sign

Unless the guy is physically unable to do so, then instructors usually train at some level with their students, not always balls to the wall, but at least light rolling.


Yes... ego is a mother-effer.

I agree, but this instructor would only train if you pay for a private class like $80hr or something like that.
I guess if your an instructor you don't want to be training all day w/ white belts, but you should at least demonstrate your skills or let your students try to see if their improving by training with you.

Only times my instructor hasn´t rolled was because he was injured. Then again i don´t think Carlson Gracie Sr. is rolling anymore, but still producing top guys.

yes, they all do

It depends. Never is probably bad. But I think the trainer should oversee the sparring. But sure he should test you out from time to time.

always every night mon-fri

If you don't get to roll with your coach then I would think there is a problem. I think that it kind of depends on the school how much you get to roll whith him. I wouldn't expect a blackbelt instructor to roll a lot with the whitebelts in a large school most of the time because they might not have a lot of time. Also, the whitebelts can still learn so much from the blues and purples. The people that really need to roll with a blackbelt are the purples and browns that need to feel what he is doing. In a small school the coach should roll with just about everyone. That being said, a lot of instructors may have had day classes, private lessons, and maybe they lifted weights that day. I would think it's unrealistic for the coach to train with every person every class.

Brennan does...sometimes even when he has an injury.

My instructor was complaining recently that he doesn't get to roll with us enough because he takes too many private lessons and is too tired. Because of this he's gonna cut down on the private lessons so he can roll with us. More instructors should be like him.

I just became a full-time instructor 2 months ago and it is much different than being a student. I remember people used to say you couldn't be a fighter and a trainer at the same time...they are absolutely correct. It's hard to roll with all your students, not to mention the safety factor as someone should be watching the overall class rolling at all times.

Andy Wang
Taipei Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

my muay thai instructor trains every day! he runs 10km every day! he still fights. he has a bareknuckle fight in thailand in july. he is 42 yrs old. very inspirational!

my instructor rolls with us all the time, even when he tore his acl and had to have surgery it was hard for him to stay off the mat

some people are in it for the money, methinks those will be the first to not actually train with their guys, some people just love the sport(s) and its my idea that these'd be the ones training with anyone that is willing to train

All the Team Quest instructors do.

It's definitely hard to run a class and take care of your own training at the same time. One night I had an issue I wasn't even aware of where a new guy almost took a swing at one of my students when they were rolling. He did the same thing with another student and I was busy rolling with someone else.

This guy should have known better as he is a fighter but I felt bad because I should have been watching. Now I always have one eye on the other guys even when I am rolling with someone.

"Hey wanna roll?" That's basically all it takes to roll with Alberto. And then the pain begins...