dom10 showing off...

I can't believe I was able to watch this with my eyes and keep my camera on the action as well.

I was thinking 'How am I gonna get his whole fight, if my digital camera only has 5 minutes worth of recording on it?'

Heh, I shouldn't have worried.


Thanks man, i appreciate the support.

Can u e-mail me the video, i can't seem to view it.

Dominic: Give me your email and I will... and talk to your friend with the email address of loreson

nevermind. it works now

Rock... Nice skills, I definately need to get down to that gym.

That was the whole fight, eh?

That dude must have had a glass jaw or that was one heavy punch.

Congrats man.

Yuki: It was a perfect punch, right on the button.

"Any Given sunday". ya know

Yah, for someone that dont like to get hit, Dom took the chance and nailed it. Congrats.

Man, nice KO. are you planning on competing at the arnold MMA tournament in March.

Depends on the schedule. i coach high school wrestling and i might not be able to make it.

Does anyone know what the rules for it are??

There is going to be two different skill divisions ....

Advanced Division: Is for competitors looking to test their skills in a more professional arena. This division is meant for competitors who have an amateur background in MMA and are looking for a few more fights before they turn professional, or are looking to for a chance to get noticed by a big circuit.

Novice Division: Has limited striking (standing & on the ground). It is a great opportunity for those people that want to try the sport, without risking serious injury.

The only problem is this promotion is going to be on the same day as the no gi grappling. :0(

Congrats, Hope we can Fight again. Paul Kisor / Caique Jiu Jitsu

I Look forward to it