Don Frye v Sonny question

Does anyone know if either Don or Sonny have been interviewed about the incident?

Would be interesting to hear what they have to say.

Especialy after reading so many conflicting accounts on here..

I think Frye challenged him to a "real fight" in a cage, under MMA rules, with a ref, judges, and rounds.

Don could drink Sonny under the table.


Is Don gonna get drunk first?

TTT for some info


in a cage and sober is like sending sonny into the lions den

So does anyone know if there have been any interviews?

Alcohol can be a hell of a drug.

"haole is correct
from teh footage my summary is -

frye was pissed as, they argued, frye got his ass somewhat beat but not really cause it got broken up

the end "

actually they fought again and don frye got knocked out