Don King sues ESPN for $2.5 B

Earlier today, Don King's attorneys filed a defamation suit against ESPN claiming damages in excess of $2.5 billion. The crux of the complaint is ESPN's portrayal of King in their series "SportsCentury" where they call King a snake oil salesman, allege that he killed 2 (not 1) person and also cheated Ali out of $1.2 million, stole $1 million from Meldrick Taylor and then threatened to kill him, etc.

The full article is here:

This should get interesting.

last words of the guy don king soccer kicked to death "please don i swear to god ill pay you!!!"

It's a well-known fact that Don King killed at least two men in his younger days. He went to prison for killing one guy. Another killing was ruled self defence even though the guy he stomped and kicked to death was both unarmed and outweighed by nearly 100 lbs.

There has to be more to this story.

King, I'll wager, is trying to leverage something else.

billion? if i was espn i'd hire an asassin

King is a thug no doubt about it. The AP filed this report on him about the law suit it was pretty interesting...

What a crock of shit....

King vs Wallid

I cannot help but picture King as Dr. Evil

diamond-ring encrusted pinky at mouth
"2.5 Beeeeelion dollars!"