Donations 4 Shelby Walker's family

Is there any way we here at the Underground can start a fund drive for Shelby Walker's family?

I think this would be a great way to remember her contributions here on the site and would be an equal good way to help her family out (albeit slightly) in this difficult time?

I'll do anything in my capabilities to help set something up for her, especially for her young child.

Are they in a position where they would need money for anything?

The best idea is to have a trusted member set up a paypal account. We all have one from ebay or can get one free and you can transfer money to it in just a few clicks of a mous.

oh I didn't read that she had a kid

I thought I read that in one of the posts.

Also, it's not so much money, it's the gesture and the support to the family I think would be nice.