Don't f--- with Frank Mir. LOL

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                                Don't f--- with Frank Mir. LOL

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HAHAHAA! That dude almost crapped in his pants!

Oh man...that dude's heart probably went into overdrive their loool

 is that the Star Wars kid?

Haha, that was great! Frank looks really goofy in that outfit.




Franks a cool guy in person i bet..

 Cool vid.  Nice to see that Mir can Fk around to.. Always seems pretty serious.  Thumbs up.

 That was funny as hell

lol ohhh frank you silly bitch. though he is allegedly the devil I am fan for life

Haha similar to that prank Mayhem pulled off in that meeting, funny shit.

Frank Mir forced everyone in that studio into producing a funny viral video to draw ignorant foob fans under his reign... He's still the Devil! :)

Ghost of Retard -  LOL

Franks a cool guy in person i bet..

lol yeah he seems like it

 Hokey Pokey FTW.


this reminds of the time Frank was boxing with Nog and went totally limp from punches to the head. fucking Herb Dean...


I want to see a hokey pokey montage with the rest of the roster!

Frank Mir is the Devil Phone Post

Geez who wouldn't just get real nervous Phone Post