don't shin-kicks hurt??

ok, i'm sure this is a very common question. i'm convinced that shin-kicks are more effective than footkicks, as they are harder & heavier etc.

but as a non-striker, i'm just curious as to how you manage them -- when i get knocked in the shins it hurts really bad. how long does it take before it doesn't bother you? or do you still get sore & damaged, whenever you happen to strike a bony surface rather than a muscled/fleshed one?

I just started training Muay Thai and the whole shin things sucks. We do a lot of kicking of the pads and saw dust filled heavy bags to condition the shins. It gets better the more you do it but until you get used to it be prepared to be sore.

I used to get some serious eggs on my shins, now, just another day at the office...


only when they meet the other guys elbows & shins..

I broke my shin in a san shou bout after clashing shins. Did not know it was broken until after the bout...swollen as sh*t, real painful. Can still feel he ridge-line of the break to this day.

you start to like the pain after a while...

Looking at the highlight clip of Mirko Cro-cop, it appears that most of the high left roundhouse kicks land with the top of the foot. Wouldnt this technique make it more likely to break your foot than a shin kick?


When you're aiming for a head kick you try to hit them with the curve where the shin/ankle/foot meet.

Over the years of hitting the pads and bags this area is pretty tough.

Take savate. They use the shoes for striking, so it's easier on your shins.

yeah, what B_I_C said.