Don't you just hate....

those douche bags who put their name after every post






BeefSupreme man you give me hope for the future of da UG and new members in general. Good shit mang.

I do too!

But you know what I hate even more? When people use shitty open ended thread titles that make me click on them only to find out that they're useless BS that has nothing to do with the content of the site you're on.


Using your name after your post is just rediculous.

"All shall bear witness to the beginning of the end of days."

Not as bad as I hate people that end their posts with english salutations.


BeefSupreme, Are you from Mass?

My favorite roast beef place is called Supreme Roast Beef

Best Beef in the world

Don't you just like turtles?

I love long gaps in posts...

With nothing significant at the bottom!

 agree with TS,