Doom & Gloom

Doom & Gloom, with all the bitching about no food, water, U.S. regulations and so fourth. It's not
D&G at all. As a matter of fact, it's no different then facing a high level boxer, BJJ'er or MMA man where the chances of victory are slim to none.

Do these odds discourage me? At times yes. Do I go into a funk knowing I will lose to Renzo whenwe roll? Of course not. As a matter of fact I like it and look forward to it. Why? I'm a JKD guy, a problem solver, up for the challenge. And that's the way we see it as a Solider Of Society.

Instead of D&G it's excitement, it's positive thinking, it's research and development. Encouraging people to be pro-active in their community watch. To train and get healthy, To establish a sense of security, confidence and pride.To be self reliant.

The only reason people think D&G is because they are negative thinkers, unsure of their own actions.

So bring on the D&G baby I'm up for the party.

Two thumbs up!