Double Leg on Cement

The double leg is great for wrestling, but how about on concrete. I just heard that Renzo Gracie busted his knee dropping for a double in a streetfight. What do you guys think?

If you are going to go that low (you don't necessarily have to) make sure that "knee touches glass".

Your knee doesn't pound the floor/mat on a double. It should glide into place. We have covered this before. Maybe someone can dig up the thread???

Shit, sorry bro. I thought I was on the Wrestling folder...I frequent that place more than here these days. Anyhow, here is the thread.

Hope that helps.

Also, I've been taught that your shoulder should hit his stomach before your knee hits the ground. That way, his stomach gets the impact of the shot and your knee gets just a little impact.

Aus is right and its not even necessary to touch your knee to the ground on the double as long as you are changing levels and penetrating.

On the street, I'm not as concerned about ending up in someone's guard, so I might opt for a "blast double" instead of a more traditional one. This is the one where you are spearing the guy in the sternum with your forehead and ripping his legs out from under him. Your knee doesn't generally hit the ground on this one.

Most "street" situations will involve a barrier of
some kind. If possible, pushing the opponent into the
wall then going for the double is a great way to get
the takedown without having to shoot from outside.

Follow the maxim "knee touches glass" great post Aus.

FYI, Haueter covers this exact topic on his DVD's. "BJJ for the street"

Thanks. I think my friend has those tapes. I'll check them out. I'm still a little worried banging my knee.


Will you be incorporating or trying any of the things that everyone here suggested or are they for a Notepad?

Because if you are going to try them with a partner there will be no need for "I'm still a little worried banging my knee."

You got some great advice for FREE. The same people will come back and help you with any questions AFTER you explore a bit with the advice. Once again FREE. A great resource...use it.

Dude, what I'm saying is that if Renzo busted his knee on the cement than anyone can. Doesn't that worry you? Thanks to everyone for the advice, and I am going to try it all out, but a real fight is something else. I mean, how many of the guys here giving advice have done a double on cement in a real fight? If not, it is all theory, except for Renzos fight. That touching knee on glass sounds good, but I think I have the right to be sceptical until I hear about someone using it for real. That's all. No need to snap.

You don't have to drop your knee on the penetration step if you don't want as long as you still get a good level change and have penetration (which has been said above). Also, don't worry so much about Renzo. I think he's a great fighter, but just because he hurt himself doesn't mean you are doomed to repeat his mistakes. Just train how you want to perform, have fun, and worry about the theoretical street fight double leg when and if it ever happens.


No one is snapping KKM. You just need to read the posts a bit better.

FWIW, I HAVE double legged in an altercation. I'm not going to go into details, but the answers are in what is already posted.