Dougie wins bet!

good call my man... wagney dominated from start to finish... very smooth bjj.

wear your new shirt proud and spend that toonie wisely! :)

I will wear my shirt proudly. Use the toonie to pay for postage. Cheers!

Congrats to Dougie, come on down, and get a free private lesson with TKO champion Wagnney Fabiano!!!

very nice!

As soon as my I can get there again I will come. Each time I have visited Wagnney's club I have met a lot of great guys and enjoyed myself.

Wagnney is a master salesman too. "Dougie, you WANT this gi. Trust me." LOL!

I have only ever had the chance to roll with Wagnney once and I had a great time. His total control of the roll and the fact that at any time he could have finished it made it fun. He let me try all sorts of things but at no point did he humilate me but rather let me learn a lot from my mistakes.

He's a class guy. Please tell him thank you for winning me my t-shirt and that I hope to see him again.

the shirt will be in the mail tomorrow... i hope you like black!

we'll have to do this again for TKO 17 :)

You're on dude! Of course this time you pick who you think will win and I will choose one to go against you on!

sounds like a plan guy... bring your ass out to the event next time!

Seriously, when my Wife is better I will. I would love to be ringside cheering my fool head off but until then I will do what I can to stay a fan.

cool... all the best to you and your wife. i got married last summer and she has been to the last 2 events. she doesn't want to admit that she loves it as much as i do! :)

I am getting the dressing down right now because of a bit of cauliflower ear.