Douglas Crosby is borderline retarded

50-43 are you fucking serious...Don't ever let that douche judge again

I'm offended by your use of the word "borderline" in your title.

Meohfumado - I'm offended by your use of the word "borderline" in your title.



Well he's a simpleton if that's how he scored the fight, and he's a simpleton if he can't tick the right fucking box, so either way he is a fucking simpleton.

It's criminal that these world class athletes place their careers in the hands of some of the most inept, useless cunts on earth.

No. He went full retard there Phone Post

He posts here hopefully he comes on and explains that bs

 Sherdog is reporting the official scores as  Douglas Crosby scores it 48-45, while Nelson Hamilton has it 48-46 and Sal D’Amato 49-46

I hope he reads thsi cause that score is fucking RETARDED. I could see 48-44 if you are generous with 10-8 rounds.

Anyone who gave Aldo the fifth round should never be allowed to judge another fight or even watch one on TV.

Crosby is banished from the interwebs after he came on trolling about his terrible scoring of Penn-Edgar I.