Download Ikusa. Hayato vs Ryan Bow

This kickboxing event is now up for download on Bit Torrent at:
U will need a Bit Torrent Client and need to sign up at the homepage to download this file. Starring K-1 Fighters Kohiruimaki and Hayato. The file is 3.5G. Please seed after you finish the download. Thanx. Enjoy!

Thank you Ryan!

Ryan beats Ikusa posterboy Hayato by completely neutralizing him and being very active the whole fight. Then Hayato gets a K-1 paycheck. The world is not a fair place.


Whats up Ryan?

I was there at Velfare. You did a tremendous job.

Whassup Hostile. Just keepin in hsape for my next fight. Probably sometime this summer.

Thanx Kawasakiyo.


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