Dr Death Steve Williams Fighting?

He's fighting Peter Aerts in a MMA bought in the next k-1

This dude has to be in his late forties early fifties
I know he had major injurys from football and pro wrestling..knees back etc..

He used to be a big draw in japan in wrestling back in the day so with Vader fighting why not

If he can hit the Oklahoma Slam then its all over

Let's not forget that the last time Dr. Death tried a real fight, he got KO'd in the WWE by a tough man champion. I forgot his name but it was probably 3 or 4 years ago. Aerts may decapitate him. Aerts has some potential to make some waves in MMA if you believe the reports about his grappling training.

He tore his hamstring because he gassed out from getting beat on standing and being unable to take Bart Gunn down. Gunn then hit Williams with a double leg, and caught Williams so flat footed that his legs got locked out straight.

I've said it on a couple threads....

If Dr. Death hits the Oklahoma Stampede, I'm quitting my job and applying to that Inoki MMA/NJPW in Los Angeles.


The Brawl For It All ruined at least 3 careers and Vince admits it was one of his biggest mistakes.

but it was awesome! haha
i loved it, and wished they'd do it again.
but yeah it did ruin some careers. :(

I remember Dr.Death Steve Williams in the UWF.

Jim Ross was the announcer.

Bring in The Missing Link

Komo, who elses career did it ruin?

I love dr. Death, but he is much too old and not ready for this..although aerts is long in the tooth as well, Williams is going to get hurt here.

Bart Gunn got released promptly after Butterbean demolished him. He wrestles in Japan but his career never recovered.

I think the guys name was "Mark Canterbury" that got KO'd and had post-concussion syndrome ending his career. (could be wrong on that name)

Steve Williams suffered more overall body damage from one punch than anybody. Dude was totally f'ed up.

I believe it ended Savio Vega's career too. He got injured and took a beating vs. Droz.

In another Brawl for All fight, Savio beat the crap out of the WWF's pretty boy flavor-of-the-month "Brakkus". It was cool how he won the crowd over in that one.



what exactly was the oklahoma stampede? Was it like a power bomb or some shit?

brawl for all ruled


The stampede is a running tackle/block from the 3 point stance. Williams played for Oklahoma.

"Hes just making a living."

"Dyin ain't much of a livin."

"The stampede is a running tackle/block from the 3 point stance. Williams played for Oklahoma."

No... The Oklahoma Stampede was a running powerslam!


The other reason for Dr. Death's career being in the toilet is that he got busted with a gymbag full of painkillers on his way from Japan to USA (right before his WWF contract started)

ya cuz pro wrestlers arent known to take any pain killers. lol