DraftKings F*cks Me!

I had 4 different bets going, 1 free to win $10, 2 quarter arcades and a 50/50.

On the quarter arcades I had:

Q1: Rose;Lewis;north;Gus;martins

Q2: rose;Lewis;north;Ali b;martins.

Based on the amount of money given, I'm actually pretty sure this is one of the highest set of fighters to have. And the prize for the quarter arcades was 1. $100. 2. $75 3. $50.

However, draft kings screwed up. Their was an error in the picking system so they had to cancel the contest and refund everyone's money.

Screwing me over a potential $200 dollars for 50 cents.

What are my options here? Just suck it up? Phone Post 3.0

if you get screwed on online gambling, all you can do is bend over, smile, and say thank you sir can I please have another.

Email customer service and ask for a free contest. They have a free mma one going.

MaliceX -

was there REALLY a picking system problem?

Everyone was allowed to pick their fighters whilst the fight was going on. Phone Post 3.0

MaliceX - 

was there REALLY a picking system problem?

Here's a statement on the DK incident page:

October 3, 2015 8:06PM EDT
[Investigating] Tonight, we experienced a contest data issue in MMA, causing a fight included in tonight's MMA contests to start and conclude before our scheduled time tonight of 7pm ET. Because it started prior to our scheduled time tonight, users were able to edit or change lineups in MMA with full knowledge of the results of that fight.

Given that the integrity of tonight's MMA games was impacted by this, we had no choice but to cancel the MMA 7pm ET contests and refund all contest entries. At this time all entry fees have been refunded and you can view these refunds via the My Account page by clicking on the Transactions tab.

We understand the frustration this will cause for our players, and investigated several options, but ultimately determined that this is the only fair and equitable solution for our players. We will be doing a full investigation into the root cause of the start time data being off, and how to prevent this from happening again.

As our way of saying sorry, we will also be running a free-entry $10,000 MMA contest for the next MMA event in apology and appreciation for our MMA players.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support.