Dream 9 Bets

40 on Sokoudjou to beat Nortje @ -260

10 on Miller to beat Jacare @ +200

10 on Kawajiri to beat JZ @ +150

10 on Bob Sapp to beat Minowa @ -200

Anyone else have money down?

i have mayhem and minowa small.

Are you hoping Minowa wins by work?

How do you guys see Mayhem, Kawajiri and hunt winning?

Because I dont see it happening

LOL....are people really betting on the Minowa/Sapp fight?

I got a bunch of parlays.  All which include varying combinations of Bibiano, Jacare, Mousasi, Abel Cullum, and JZ.

I think Mousasi, Jacare, and Bibiano are pretty good lay-ups here.  Cullum is a good straight up bet with even odds I think, Tokoro has sucked lately and Cullum looks better every fight.

 I dropped a little on Kid to win it all...I did really good saturday night...

im very interested to see Mousasi's game plan, whether he's going to stay on the outside or come and shoot right away

I don't think Mousasi will shoot.  He'll stand, and he'll make Hunt look silly.

Mad Xyientist - I don't think Mousasi will shoot.  He'll stand, and he'll make Hunt look silly.

Standing with someone who has a 70 lb weight difference and has won a k-1 gp

I think its fine for him to do that for a while, but eventually he needs to finish it on the ground.

Hunt's downturn in his career has really been sad to watch.

I think Mousasi ends up winning by triangle when Hunt takes him down stupidly

I haven't bet since my Nog, Wandy & Forrest parlay for UFC92 made me rethink about betting on mma. Oh and having a 5 fight parlay ruined by Werdum's KO by dos Santos shortly before that at UFC90 didn't help either. It's amazing how you can go from an ace fantasy tipper to someone lining bookies pockets.

Good luck guys, I spent my money on nice ales and will be content with watching, and knowing I'll be able to afford more beer tomorrow.

^damn well just bet small money like me and it wont matter so much when you lose

 MX...where do you get MMA parlays? I only bet Kawajiri @ +165.

I use BetUS for parlays.  Their spreads are a little wider than the better books but I need them to parlay.

I just put on a little Kawajiri too but worse than +165.  He can definitely win that fight and I'll be pissed if I lose big bets basically because I'm a JZ fan.

 I'm a huge fan of both guys but I think it's a pick 'em, which is why I bet. Really the only fight I can imagine myself being more split on than this would be if the Wand/Igor fight actually went through for 34.

Yup I did just bet small $50-$200 max, only beer/social life money but I never expected to lose it, always a sucker for the high odds on the parlays, as you know it only takes 1 fight to go sour. If I recall correctly the Werdum parlay with the rest of the maincard was paying 11-1!

Don't think the Aussie sportsbooks cover Japanese events anyway, I've got an account on one of the largest and they didn't do Affliction generally only UFC & WEC. Few more drinks and I'd be inclined to bet on Kid and Mousasi.

OMG u guys were right Minowa by work

not doing too bad so far besides the sapp work

comeon mayhem lets finish strong


AwakenMyGiant - $1000 on Mark Hunt @ +190 to win 1900/