Dream 9 Tournament Announced

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Update #1: These 4 fights complete the DREAM.9 card (maybe).

Update #2: DREAM EP Sasahara is aiming at a 15% TV ratings. He said that he still has a trump card, today’s announcement isn’t everything. Is the card really complete?

Update #3: The semifinals and final will not take place on the same day. The rules for the tournament are not set yet but expect shorter fights (why?!) and no knee strikes to the head of a grounded opponent.

Bob Sapp (200cm/147.6kg) vs. Minowaman (175cm/87kg)
Jan “The Giant” Nortje (211cm/149.5kg) vs. Sokoudjou (182cm/93kg)
Gegard Mousasi (186cm/97.8kg) vs. Mark Hunt (178cm/130.4kg)
Choi Hong Man (218cm/148.5kg) vs. Jose Canseco (188cm/109kg)

HEIWA DREAM.9 Featherweight GP 2009 2nd Round
Date: May 26th, 2009
Place: Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan

Super Hulk Tournament 1st Round Fights:
Minowaman vs. Bob Sapp
Jan “The Giant” Nortje vs. Sokoudjou
Gegard Mousasi vs. Mark Hunt
Choi Hong Man vs. Jose Canseco

Lightweight Fight:
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. J.Z.Calvan

2nd Generation DREAM Middleweight Title Fight:
Ronaldo Jacare vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Featherweight GP Quarterfinal Fights:
Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto vs. Joe Warren
Masakazu Imanari vs. Bibiano Fernandes
Yoshiro Maeda vs. Hiroyuki Takaya
Abel Cullum vs. Hideo Tokoro

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Jose Canseco?

I fear for Hong Man Choi's life vs. the Bash Brother.

Greatest card of the decade!!

Badder Harry - canseco must be running low on funds again..

He admitted he was nearly broke on the Stern show recently. LOL.

Badder Harry - canseco must be running low on funds again..

 Same for Bobbu Sappu.  He's taking a lot of fights lately.

 Biggest fucking freakshow ever. All they're missing is Kyle Maynard.

Seriously, this is a fucking disgrace.

Kid Yamamoto vs. an opponent with 1 fight to his name too. NICE.

Biggest fu*king freakshow ever. And I love it!

Kyle Maynard vs. Choi Hong Man

Dream make it happen!

 LoL, people can say whatever they want, the Japanese fans are going to love this and that's all that matters to them.

Ultimately, thats who pays their bills.

 Why no Kimbo??!?!

I'll pay to watch this

Joe Warren trains with Team Quest, he was a guest coach on TUF this season. He's the one in the show open doing the breakdancing. He will give KID a tough fight.

That picture is hilarious, with all the cutouts and Minowa is the only one who showed for the press conference...


 "The 1 fight to his name is a win over the former WEC champ.

I know it's not like he had two fights, and then fought for the hw championship or anything. "

Whoop-de-shit about beating a former WEC champ. Seriously. That doesn't earn him a spot against Kid or anyone else in that tourney. 1-0 fighters have no business fighting a guy with as much experience as Kid, no matter what kind of spin you put on it.

And the Lesnar reference would make sense if I actually thought he deserved that title shot... which I didn't.