Dream GP with Jacare, Saku, Ralek, etc. - confused

How does this work? I went to the link and there is no Ralek v. Manhoef and I heard they're fighting later on May 11th? Are the round 1 fights being held on 2 separate dates? When is round 2? Thanks!

All of the round one fights except for Gracie/Manhoef are taking place on April 29. They are pushing Gracie/Manhoef back to DREAM.3 to give Manhoef time to recover from his KO loss yesterday at the K-1 WGP. The 2nd round of the MWGP is scheduled for June 15 at DREAM 4. That will give the winner of Manhoef/Gracie a little over a month to rest and prepare for 2nd round.

thanks! where is there more info on this?