dream matchs?

Just come on and state the fights you want to see and who u think would win, rules are simple both fighters in their primes and injury free,

shit cant edit title :s

Rickson Gracie vs Sakuraba

Rickson via RNC.

rickson gracie vs anderson silva

Rickson via armbar

Bas Rutten vs Mirko Crocop

Cro cop via headkick ko

Mirko Crocop vs Brock lesnar

Crocop via ko

Genki Sudo vs Saku

Saku via submission

Eddie Bravo vs Rickson gracie (at mma)

Rickson via rnc

CroCop vs Arlovski, really annoyed we never got to see that. I would pick CroCop.


matches IMO



Saku vs Rickson circa 2000

Saku vs Frank Shamrock circa 2000

Frank Shamrock vs Rickson circa 2000


Anderson vs Paulo - 2 best MWs unify any possible questions about who is really #1

Nog vs Randy - establish the #2 HW after fedor

Gomi vs Penn 2 - great fight the first time - they are better matched now.

Kid vs Faber @ 145

Kid vs Torres @ 135

Torres vs Ueda @ 135