Drew Fickett wins in Boston

Drew Fickett won a 12 man advanced grappling division from 180-200lbs in Boston this weekend. Drew also won his superfight against Matt Santos via rear naked choke in 2 minutes. Drew would like to thank Dragon Lair Martial Arts, Massmma.com, Tapout, Boxing Inc. Max and all his training partners that prepared him for the Dragon Lair tournament.

Drew would also like to take this opportunity to speak of himself in the third person.

It's just Drew being Drew.

TTT for drew

Unless someone else is typing under Drew's name Drew has some explaining to do regarding the whole third person garbage :)

good job man

lol @ fickett

Congrats bro

Congrats DREW!!!

Drew, what brings you to Boston so often considering you live in AZ? Have you been training at Sid Yod Tong?

Jimmy doesn't like Drew. JM on the other hand, big fan big fan/


Bar fights don't count, Drew.

drew says hookers much cheaper in boston...hi drew