Drills for Speed?????

Can any of you guys suggest any good drills for developing speed in kicks and punch's. I have some but I was wondering what you guys have. If you don't mind. If you don't feel like giving out your training secrets, I don't mind. =)


How about you tell us yours !

For legs: varying types of plyometrics; doing 1 minute rounds of just kicking and kneeing (2 different rounds one will be kicks, and one will be knees.) as fast and as hard as you can. Eg. 2 right kicks then 2 left and so forth alternating. Or maybe 5 on each leg. It depends. Sprawl and get up and kick 5 times on each leg; Doing high knee sprints while rope jumping. Doing reaction drills.

For arms: Reaction drills. One punch per round (you just do one type of punch per round); sprint and pace drill (first you just box the bag and then when the trainer says go you punch as fast and as hard as you can for a short period of time. There are others but I can't think of them right now.

As you can see I am very limited as to other drills for building up good speed. What about you?


I used to do this one drill that I read somewhere about JKD. Hanging a piece of paper and popping your jab out and keep doing that until you tear a hole in it. I personally have not put a hole in it. The way it was described to throw the jab is to snap it out. It makes the jab sharper. What I noticed from doing it, is it made my jabs faster going out and comming in. This drill strengthens the tendons in your elbow and works your fast twitch muscles in your arm.