i forgot how bad it can get. drank from 1pm yesterday and started to go down at about the vand vs chuck fight. slept through hughes vs gsp even though a couple of hgers were trying to wake me up. blew chunks to the porcelain god b4 passing out--and here's where it got weird.

went to a sports bar in my dream where i was assaulted by a big micronesian lady that stabbed me w/ a syringe tainted w/ teh bad aids and then elvis presley decided to defend her as i beat her down. so then i grabbed a push mower that was conveniently left by the door and rekilled elvis w/ it. woke up in a cold sweat and think i'm gonna chuuk up more stuff right now. ME = RIP right now :(

how'd your ufc evenings go?

oh snap mang lol

Mine went well. Hughes got pounded and the Pat's won!

try eating some bacon in between some spam slices and wash it down with 1/2 cup oj 1/2 cup milk mixed together....

Heard it works for hangovers.

i would like to see the gsp/hughes fight. btw, i think i got that pick pretty correct.

Soku fight was pure ownage. that was a good showing by machida. Damn hi karate shiit

"i would like to see the gsp/hughes fight. btw, i think i got that pick pretty correct."

Almost, you had GSP/KO or TKO/Round 2 

hence "pretty". :)

wait a second, sok and machida fought last night? goddamnit, passed out through that one too.

when is Vince gonna start auctioning off the photos?
Oh man!

started drinking around 3:30pm, pau about 11pm.

no puking, no hang over. me = alchy.

Damn....I've always used Alka-Seltzer. Always seemed to make the room stop spinning.

alka seltzer good eh?

works for me...I would usually take it before bed though.

So did you have one of those "I'm never doin that again" moments? Funny how we end up proving ourselves wrong over and over again :-)

No matter how many times you say never again, it always happens again and again.