Duane Ludwig vs. Jens Pulver (vid)

If you haven't seen this, you should. Good Video!


you guys already seen this one?

Front row for that one.

Wow! I bet it was a good fight to actually be there for!

Not when you were rooting for Pulver... :(

Haole is correct :)

I was rooting for Bang and knew he would win. I know he was the underdog. That would have been a good fight to put $ on!

good fight, but there's nothing too surprising about bang KOing jens. both guys are good, but bang's striking is on another level and he's a lot bigger.

Do you have the Ludwig/E. Payne fight? Been looking for that one but have not seen it in a while.

I don't have that.

Thanks anyway. Bangs always exciting to watch fight.

agreed. BANG was a total underdog and look what happened.

He was also an underdog when he fought Jonathon Goulet.


Thanks for the vid.

Man, Bang looks like a young kid, always does. I guess ya' don't bang with Bang, not the best strategy. Wow!

Bang does look young. He is coolest guy to hang out with too. Funny as hell. Doesn't look like he would have such KO power but he does and amazing technique

Jens = class

You know, ever since he won the UFC lightweight belt and left the UFC, he has not been the same fighter.

But, at the same time, Bang is always a dangerous man with his strikes. His leg kick/punch/leg kick combos are intense to watch. He has run clinics on opponents.

Who won the UFC title and left the UFC? Bang didn't.

I'd love Bang to give Jens a rematch and have it be in the UFC!


LOL @ Lifestyle Condoms sponsoring the event.