Duct Tape Help

Tonite, my instructor had me running up and down the gym carrying an old thai bag that is all wrapped up in duct tape. At the end my arms were all covered in bits of tape and gluey. I got all the pieces off, but the glue won't come off. I scrubbed my arms with a couple of different typs of soap and used my wifes luffa and scubby things, she's gonna be pissed. I gotta go to work tomorrow.

See if your wife has any acetone (nail polish remover).

Equal parts of Preparation H and KY Jelly will remove duct tape residue.

Goo-B-Gone (not sure if thats the correct spelling) works like a champ.

no shit, use peanut butter, rub it all over the sticky parts of your arm , then wash it off with soap and water, i give it the palmquist 100% gaurentee


Duct tape is your friend if used right.

I tried the nail polis remover, no luck. The peanut butter did the trick. Thanks jockstrap

your welcome, it works for removing pretty much any guey substance from the skin or hair, i.e tree sap, tape, gum...etc.

FYI, WD-40 works well for this.