Dumbest celeb comment in UFC

I believe this was from Couture vs Liddell 2

Pam Anderson and Cindy Crawford was asked by an interview who they
wish to win, and they said something along the line of,

(I.e. not exact words)

I want Couture to win cos it's fashion yay!


HAHAHAHA... is actually way too clever a line for them two broads...

Pam can say whatever she wants as long as those titties look the way they do.. LoL..

Thought this would be about that Wayons idiot...

Has to be Gary Busey, I think UFC 2 when he was talking about Roman gladiators then he just started talking about his dogs.

maybe when juliette lewis pronounced chacks name wrong.
that was kinda funny.

"I think Tito would win because he is one hell of a striker"