DUMOG Filipno Grappling


I was wondering if anyone has information (Websites, Books, Videos, Instructors, etc...) on The Filipino Art of Dumog (Grappling)

I would greatly appreciate it.

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This would include grappling with Sticks



1) if you have not seen this article before, check Joe Maffei's article on dumog from the now defunct FULL CONTACT magazine:


2) check out my site, http://stickgrappler.tripod.com specifically:

i archived 2 threads that JKD forum member Ausgepicht posted on using dumog responses from the wrestling clinch:



3) archived on my site an article GT Gaje wrote on dumog:


4) a) re: stickgrappling, there used to be a page up done by MARTIAL ARTS KONCEPTS/Mike Krivka which showed about 5 stickchokes from the guard. it was pretty good. too bad he took it down. check out my site's fma page. there are some text descriptions of stickchokes in addition to some stickgrappling flow drills.

b) for stickgrappling, also check out ashley bass' site. link on my fma page. he archived some of the dog brothers technique sequences and you will see some standing and ground stickgrappling

c) on my fma page and ashley's site, there is a link to burton richardson's site. he has one stickgrappling technique up

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i do not know who originally did this review. copied and pasted from another forum:

A review of a book called "Haribon Dumog Volume I - The Source Of Dumog Techniques - By Daniel G Rutano"


I have seen some recent posts about Mr. Rutano's book, "Haribon Dumog, The
Grappling and Wrestling Art of Central Philippines, Volume 1, Source of
Dumog Techniques". I was able to get a copy of the book and will give a
quick overview now and hopefully will submit a full book review in a couple
of weeks time, if work and family commitments permit.
Let's quickly list the chapters and their topics to give an idea of what the
book offers:
Chapter 1 - Overview of the Filipino Martial Art
Chapter 2 - The Art of Dumog
Chapter 3 - Origin of Dumog Techniques
Chapter 4 - Seizing Techniques
Chapter 5 - Single Stick/Sword
Chapter 6 - Double Sticks or Sinawali
Chapter 7 - Sword & Dagger (Spada y Daga)
Chapter 8 - Knife/Dagger Techniques
Chapter 9 - Dos Manos (Two Hands or Fists)
Chapter 10 - Disarming Techniques
Chapter 11 - Weapons Retention Techniques
Chapter 12 - Panuntukan/Sinumbagay (Fist Fighting)

I quickly realized somebody reading the chapter summaries will wonder what
they have to do with Dumog. To answer this I will use exerpts from Chapter
3 of the book:
"Dumog is not a separate art . . . . All the techniques in dumog, were all
taken from weapons techniques, movements, and handling. To have a good
understanding as to where dumog techniques actually came from, we need to
breakdown the many principles and concepts found in various sub-systems
within the Filipino martial art."
Later in that chapter, Mr. Rutano writes,
"In succeeding chapters, we will look at some of the principles, concepts
and techniques common in most styles of Filipino martial art, and look at
them in terms of grappling and wrestling mentality. Each of the sub-systems
(single stick, double stick, stick and dagger, dos manos, panuntukan,
sikaran, tanikalang kamay, staff, spear, kadena, etc.), will be covered, to
show that dumog techniques is built-in in the system."

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videos - dan inosanto's 3rd series, paul vunak's dumog vid, rick tucci's fma series are places to start

You know I've tried a bit of Dumog, it's really interesting especially when controlling an opponent!

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the dumog as taught by paul vunak and dan inosanto is interesting and the joe maffei article really highlights the "choke points", as vunak calls it, well.


of the fma vids i've seen, i can think of 2 more videos on stickgrappling - marc mcfann's stickgrappling and dog brothers' real contact stickfighting vol 5 (fang choke and machado jiujitsu).

other vids with stickgrappling not as the main foucs: there is a 10 mins or so section on terry gibson's single stick vid on some stick throws. i forget the exact title, but kelly worden's solo baston vid showed some stick chokes and stick locks.

have you tried www.dogbrothers.com?

The Dog Bros!!Well that would be a good site for something of that nature. You know they were on the Top Ten Martial Arts list..

Dumog -

according to leo gaje - is a sperate form

the practioners are call dumogero's (du-mog-air-o's)

MARC may have some limited knowldge, but, he uses bjj tailored to stick fighting

ron balicki has alot of knowledge from his father in law - dan inosanto- www.ronbalicki.com -

e-mail him

Thank-you for the good advice.

Keep it coming.

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In Modern Arnis, Our Dumog is part of our Style & taught with & without sticks to show the similarities of the two.


ModernArnis - check out http://forum.psdtc.com. If you questions on the topic ask under the south east asain arts forum. My teacher has extensive knowledge on Dumog. If your living in CT you check out the school - its home of the The Savage.

RIP - Professor Presas

Dan Inosanto's "new" instructional vids have
grappling with and without the stick. Good tape
set, check it out.

Dan Inosanto's "new" instructional vids have
grappling with and without the stick. Good tape
set, check it out.