located on cape cod in Mass...anyone know the deal with these guys? they legit? friend is looking to train there ...dont want him getting bamboozled.

I don't know about them, but Dixson's Dungeon in MS is a great place to train.

Dixon is the man but 3,000 miles away. Do you have a email for John? adambarnoneguerra@msn.com John got me started way back in 97 he is the man for sure.

Yeah John is the man for sure.  He has a new site for his new gym in Gulfport.   You can contacat him that way.  He is on my myspace top friends list you can get a hold of him like that also.


there are a lot of choices around these parts.  i would tell your friend to look around.

Thanks a ton bigmills008

your welcome

Great bunch of guys. You can tell your friend he can train there with complete confidence.