Dust Buster fights

Check out some weapons action with chair, DustBuster, ToiletSeat and the usual stick and knife fights.

Office workers starting disturbing 'fight clubs'
May25, 2007

Groups of office workers are battling each other with sticks, chairs and vacuum cleaners in undisclosed locations. Engineer Shiyin Siou tells MSNBC's Chris Jansing why he enjoys battles.


NBC11 with reporter Bob Redell


Geeks Host Secret Fight Club
Combatants Spar With Weapons
Like something out of a movie, a group of California geeks is secretly meeting to share a little violence.


That's Baltic Dog and his crew-- also know as the Bay Area clan of the Dog Brothers.

and tomorrow night, WE DINE IN HELL!

ok, not really.

but Thursday is a Fight Night for our group

Guro Crafty Dog, I will try very very hard to jack Baltic Dog at least once for you!


(in the red salad shirt in the NBC11 vids)


Don't jack him too badly-- he's fighting at our "DB Gathering of the Pack" on June 24th :-)

yah ... per Milt this is the point of tonight's Fight Night. help get Baltic Dog ready for the Gathering. oooh man! should be a good night.

Guro Crafty Dog : reporting in from last night's Fight Club. Had a blast. We had a new guy start, who does Wu Shu + Parkour (that crazy street tumbling). Fighting him was like fighting Neo from the Matrix. I would do a horizontal slash and he could literally dodge it Matrix style. heh heh.

Lots of great fights. Baltic Dog gave several beatings, but ended up we had so many fighters I fortunately was able to duck a match with him. Saving a bruised body and ego.

Do you know Linda? She apparently is an old timey Fight Clubber ... and damn she's LIVE. slashed me up with the knife, took Milt to task with the stick, and in a endurance no time limit match with the new guy beat him in the end with a strangle / neck crank (+ new guys was gassed out tired).

Everyone started as friends, fought like warriors, and definately ended the night as Brothers (and Sister)

Linda is awesome. One of her DB Gathering knife fights vs. a man will be seen in our DLO 2, "Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight" DVD.

Guro Crafty Dog --- HELL YES! I fought with Linda last Thrusday knive vs knife. Was a blast.

And we do it up again this Friday night! woo hoo! I'm psyched.

Big Thanks for starting it all Guro Crafty Dog, and of course eternal gratitude to Baltic Dog for organizing the Fight Club local to me.

I now can't imagine NOT swinging sticks and thrusting blades at Fight Club. heh.

hey -

I am in San Jose (Sunnyvale) for a tech company internship and I'd love to get in on this, if this is real DB stuff and not just hitting people with keyboards. (though I'm down with that too.)

do you guys have space for newbies with some grappling and boxing experience, but no stickfighting?

this is the Gentlemen's Fight Club, right?

Hi Revolver,

If you're interested in the Gentlemen's Fighting Club for fighting or training, send me an email. It's in the Palo Alto area.