Dustin Denes Should be in UFC

This guy should be in the UFC. I see his record on sherdog and it is quite impressive. He recently lost to Brian Foster, and taking no credit away from Brian who is a great fighter but that fight was stoped very early. dustin has subbed and finished many UFC vets, and has world class Jiu Jitsu. It really is stupiud that guys like him do not get a shot when guys like Dan Lauzon do.

know it's not good to base fighters overall performances on one fight but i've only seen him fight once. it was back at soljah fight night in hawaii against masanori suda. fight was very close as it ended in a draw. but to be honest, it was very boring. not too much damage by either guy. but i'm not sure if that's how all his fights are. if they've all been like the suda fight i'd say he's not in the ufc due to the excitement factor. other than that i don't know why he's not in yet.

Didnt Denes beat Marcel Garcia ??

Denes is a good fighter - but he isn't great

he could be in the UFC - but he would just be like a gate keeper - he isn't going to win any belts anytime soon